Land of the Volcano Wolves

Far beyond the deserts and valleys lies a large mountain hidden with secrets. Here, exists the unknown inhabitants known as vulcanus lupus. They live in almost perfect harmony, each pack inhabiting areas suitable to their ability. What will happen next?
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 Satine of Aàtamos

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PostSubject: Satine of Aàtamos   Sun 29 Jan 2012 - 21:48



7 summers, 5 moons


Satine is calm, cool, and collected. She knows she's of a higher rank and shows it with her gracefulness and able to solve conflicts without blood shed. That is, unless that conflict is about a secret of hers, which will unleash a vengeful and murderous side in her. She's always kept her copycat ability a secret, and is willing to kill to keep it that way. Aside from that, Satine is normally a gentle and understanding soul, wanting only the best for her pack.


Satine has the ability to grow any plant she chooses, be it herbs or a large tree. But the bigger it is, the quicker it dies. She can also use telekinesis to lift and throw anything she chooses. But the bigger something is, the longer it takes to move. Satine also has a hidden power. One that, if she wanted to, control another wolfs actions to mimic her own. They would say what she said, or kill themselves if she did... The only drawback, other than hurting herself, is that she must keep eye contact as all times.

Alphess if possible, Beta if not
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Satine of Aàtamos
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