Land of the Volcano Wolves

Far beyond the deserts and valleys lies a large mountain hidden with secrets. Here, exists the unknown inhabitants known as vulcanus lupus. They live in almost perfect harmony, each pack inhabiting areas suitable to their ability. What will happen next?
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 Arkane - Aàtamos

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PostSubject: Arkane - Aàtamos   Sun 29 Jan 2012 - 4:08

Arkane (Arc, Ark, or Kane are acknowledged also)


Two winters, seven moons

Ark is a slim, graceful wolf with gentle, silver-colored eyes and unusually large ears. It has been said that she has more than just wolf blood in her (perhaps a bit of dog or fox)- however, she ignores her dubious past and slinks on, slipping easily through the trees with her beautiful, smooth copper-colored pelt and grey-streaked tail. Her fur also contains seemingly randomly-placed yet orderly streaks of gold as well as grey, and she has strange X markings in black over her eyes. She also bears a strange marking on her forehead that resembles the alchemical symbol for mercury, alluding to her quickness in mind as well as speed. In addition, upon closer inspection one may be able to notice the symbol of vitriol on her left foreleg.

When one meets Ark, they would likely think of the word “sangfroid”. She is a composed and cautious creature, scarcely showing any emotion save perfect calmness and remaining cool and collected in even the most hectic of circumstances. She is a pacifist, preferring not to fight when diplomacy is an option- however, she is not averse to violence and will become a tenacious warrior when the time calls for it. She also prefers to remain quiet when speaking is not needed, for she adheres to the idiom “actions speak louder than words”.

Aàtamos/ Chaotic Good

Ark has the peculiar power to possess other creature’s bodies as long as she is in contact with the earth and can find eye contact with her victims for at least one second. How does her ability work, you ask? She sends a small part of her conscious mind along the earth, which conducts it swiftly towards her victims (this allows her to influence many at a time). However, to gain control she must look into her target’s eyes, whereby her eyes flash red and her victim loses control of their bodies, at least for the moment. However, she must exert more energy with the more creatures she influences, and cannot affect her targets if their wills are strong enough to repel her sinuous mind (although they rarely do). In addition, as she uses up her energy she beomes weaker and susceptible to attack, leading to her pacifistic nature.

May I be an Alpha? I understand if I can’t… but if it’s possible, I’d like to be one- but if not I'd like to be a Hunter.~

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Arkane - Aàtamos
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