Land of the Volcano Wolves

Far beyond the deserts and valleys lies a large mountain hidden with secrets. Here, exists the unknown inhabitants known as vulcanus lupus. They live in almost perfect harmony, each pack inhabiting areas suitable to their ability. What will happen next?
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 Morrigan - [Loner]

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PostSubject: Morrigan - [Loner]   Sun 22 Jan 2012 - 14:57

Name: Morrigan

Gender: XX

Age: Three and a half winters

Appearance: A slim, exotic looking female, she weighs in at around 80 lbs. and is 27 inches at the shoulder. Due to her lithe frame, she is often mistaken to be vulnerable and less powerful than others, which is a ploy she often uses to manipulate and deceive. Long, charcoal fur covers her body, mottled with grayish-white wrapping around her muzzle. This white traverses the entirety of her underside, and stretches to halfway down her legs, tapering off near the thighs of her hind legs and down to her ankles on her front.

She is a generally dull-colored wolf, with little other markings on her pelt. Despite its plainness, her pelt does manage to give her some added skill in the art of treachery, sneaking, and disguising herself among her terrain. A deep-maroon color surrounds her eyes and originated from the tip of her nose halfway up her muzzle, but this specific marking does not appear anywhere else on her body, serving as a distinguishing feature for the female. Her eyes are a light golden color, a bright offset against her dark fur and even darker personality. Her eyes often have a glint of mischief, or in worse cases a dangerous curiosity. Her emotions can be well-read from her eyes on occasion, the depths being the only window to her soul that any living being can tell.

Accompanying her at all times are 4 black raven feathers, perched neatly behind her left ear. These never seem to move or fall away from her, leaving some to believe they are naturally originate from her. Her gait is fluid and stealthy, keeping her head low and back streamlined. When she stands she tends to stay fairly dominant, even towards those that are of higher position, a sign of disrespect upon many.

Personality: To put it simply, Morrigan is an underhanded and fairly nasty girl. She's not exactly evil, but she will do evil things. The opposite is also true, but when she does happen to commit a good deed, it will only be for her devices and for her devices alone. Being as such, she is manipulative to the core, using her assets to reel in others before using them for whatever she has planned. She values intelligence and strength. Lacking the sensitivity to connect well with others as well as differentiate her own feelings, her deceitfulness and sarcasm is magnified, along with her svelte mysteriousness which is a large facet of her personality.

With a penchant to tease and insult, Morrigan could be considered anti-social and cruel, but at the same time she can also be very flexible and willing to go along with a crowd; as long as this coincides with her ideologies or current plans of course. Her usual loner status does tend to make her a bit of an outcast, especially considering her disdain for most forms of control or order. This love of chaos can be dangerous and downright deadly to some, mostly towards aggressive-dominant wolves who try to corral her into a specific and ordered place in the world. A natural free-spirit, Morrigan values choice over most other things, and this is crucial for any relationship she finds herself in.

Possibly the most important facet of her personality is her intense love of superstition, gaining her title of "witch" due to her attraction to the supernatural or dark. She is high in: Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, and Interpersonal intelligences. She is medium in: Existential, Bodily-kinesthetic, and Intrapersonal intelligences. She is low in: Spatial, Musical, and Naturalist intelligences.

Pack/Alignment: Loner, Chaotic Neutral


Power: Not tied to any pack, Morrigan has her skill of swiftness, using her ability to cover a large amount of ground in a short amount of time. This agility can help her escape or make quick and devastating first attacks.

Flaw: Despite her ability being extremely useful, it requires vast amounts of energy. When her body hits its limit of uses of her power she'll be near-collapse from extensive pressure inflicted upon her frame.

Rank: Loner
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Morrigan - [Loner]
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