Land of the Volcano Wolves

Far beyond the deserts and valleys lies a large mountain hidden with secrets. Here, exists the unknown inhabitants known as vulcanus lupus. They live in almost perfect harmony, each pack inhabiting areas suitable to their ability. What will happen next?
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 Zerstörer - Aátamos

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PostSubject: Zerstörer - Aátamos   Wed 11 Jan 2012 - 1:16

Is there a way to change my username or do I need to make a new account? : P



2 1/2 years

He is a big, tough wolf. He usually has a serious expression and his ears are slightly pricked at all times. His neck fur juts out in sharp clumps, making him appear larger than he already is. His eyes are a neon green. His fur is a dull brown with darker and lighter brown stripes along his back. Under his eyes are neon green cresents. Both the cresent markings and his eyes seem to glow.

Zerstörer speaks his mind and let's others know their place. While he can be abusive or rude, he truly cares for the pack and does his best to be a leader. Zerstörer's relationship with his packmates is unlike any other, and he would risk his own life to protect them. When interacting with strangers he could be seen as someone who does things for the benefit od themselves. He appears greedy and untrustworthy due to his choice of words. However, those who are close to him know his true intentions and are aware that he is a strong individual.


He has abilities, one a bit stranger than most. That is the ability to morph with the earth to escape a life threatening situation. However, this ability may only be used when he is of his best health and has a clear mind, which makes it extremly difficult to use. The other, is the ability to take life from the earth and give it to another living thing. The downside with this is that he could mistakingly take a bit of his own life away and he is not able to use the ability on himself.

Could he be alpha male? If not, a guard


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PostSubject: accepted   Wed 11 Jan 2012 - 21:38

I'm sure you can add some more details, but I'll accept this for now. Why not take a look at the accepted wolves page and see what the other members have written?
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PostSubject: Re: Zerstörer - Aátamos   Fri 13 Jan 2012 - 16:14

We can change your username, I myself have to figure it out first so I suggest sending Thom a message asking him to.



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PostSubject: Re: Zerstörer - Aátamos   

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Zerstörer - Aátamos
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