Land of the Volcano Wolves

Far beyond the deserts and valleys lies a large mountain hidden with secrets. Here, exists the unknown inhabitants known as vulcanus lupus. They live in almost perfect harmony, each pack inhabiting areas suitable to their ability. What will happen next?
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 The Dark and Light of Strafe

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PostSubject: The Dark and Light of Strafe   Mon 9 Jan 2012 - 3:31

Note: subject to small, negligible changes as I develop the character



3 summers, 4 moons

Strafe possesses a most unique pelt- it seems to blend into the shadows and lends him the appearance of an illusion or dreamlike creature due to its shimmering, ethereal qualities. His sturdy, yet lithe physique allow him to evade most attacks and fight with a viciousness unexpected of such a mild wolf, though his excessively long and full tail hinder his speed and agility. However, do not let this lull you into a sense that he is soft and complacent- this monochromatic, black and white wolf will pounce upon you at the least sign of weakness, and the last thing you will see will be his black-and-gold eyes, blazing with inexplicable hate.

Strafe is a perfect diplomat- he hates everyone equally with a deep, scathing anger too deep to be fully expressed. No one knows why this brute is so- perhaps it is the result of a particularly horrendous history, a fiendish fate, or simply his natural personality, but there is no doubt that he does not, will not, and cannot feel anything less than pure hatred towards even his closest allies, none of whom are able to transition from the status of “acquaintance” to “friend”. However, this battle-hardened individual will exhibit a grudging tolerance for those he deems worthy allies, lending his services to any pack that is or is likely to come into power as a mercenary and a fighter who has never failed to hit his target. Most do not see this dark side of him, though- he appears to have an air that is simply soigné and a gentlemanly manner, and many do not ask why a wolf bred for fighting should have an excessively suave voice and seeming politeness. However, his allies are always wary of him- Strafe lapses into crude language and a manner not unbecoming to his true temperament at unexpected moments, and it is through such lapses that one is able to decipher his true self.

Loner/ Neutral Evil

Strafe has accelerated healing abilities, enabling him to recover from wounds in as little as a tenth of a second. He also has enhanced senses due to his rapid recovery, preventing any deterioration of cells, organs, and their resulting functions. However, there are several drawbacks to this power- although Strafe becomes virtually invincible, his abilities wane as he exerts energy and eventually drain his life force when he reaches total exhaustion, leading to his unwillingness to fight head-to-head against stronger opponents without employing sly, self-preserving (and perhaps cowardly, in a way) tactics and the habit of using the least amount of effort possible in fights unless he is certain that he will lose otherwise.




"A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip." -Caskie Stinnett, Out of the Red
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The Dark and Light of Strafe
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