Land of the Volcano Wolves

Far beyond the deserts and valleys lies a large mountain hidden with secrets. Here, exists the unknown inhabitants known as vulcanus lupus. They live in almost perfect harmony, each pack inhabiting areas suitable to their ability. What will happen next?
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 Torque - [Cinaed]

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PostSubject: Torque - [Cinaed]    Sat 7 Jan 2012 - 22:17

Name: Torque

Gender: XY

Age: Four springs


A sturdy looking individual, Torque is a fairly-large wolf, rounding off at around 115 pounds and 33 inches at the shoulder. With his base pelt color being a grayish-tan, he tends to blend well in some surroundings, but his darker markings offset this natural pseudo-camouflage. Dark red war markings adore the left side of his face, surrounding his left eye. These were markings from his old pack, a nondescript band of loners who ran in a semi-organized band. They signify his departure from the pack, a sign of good luck in their mixed and bastardized culture. More spots mottle the bridge of his muzzle, right above his nose, in a freckling pattern, an inheritance from his mixed-breed mother.

A long, thick dorsal marking runs along his back, most intense near the base of his skull and on his scruff, topping off at the junction between his ears and the base of the skull. A similar ventral marking is on his underside, but stops shortly near the base of his chest. Two triangular stripes cross his shoulder, symmetrical on both sides. He also has a length of similar-color marking running from his elbows/thighs down to his paws. Similar red war markings cover his thigh, old markings signifying he was of warrior caste in his old band.

Numerous scars litter his legs, side, and back, with the most significant being across his right eye, creating an x-shaped pattern over it. His most noticeable feature tends to be his eyes: his left being a deep-amber colored, and his right being a bright cream-golden. This heterochromia is a genetic inheritance not-too uncommon because of his mixed heritage. His gait is purposeful and self-confident, but still having an awareness of his surroundings. When he stands he keeps a fairly dominant, but relaxed stance, but he will show submission to his superiors and occasionally those he respects, no matter the rank.


A typical warrior, Torque finds himself stolidly grounded, having a slight aura of confidence and practicality around him at all times. Almost like a force of nature, Torque will deal with problems head-on, often times sacrificing defensive tactics for more offensive one, eager to get rid of problems quickly as possible. Highly invested in tradition, Torque is very protective of his daily rituals and morals of his old band, but tries his best to assimilate into his pack, but still has some cultural discrepancies.

Torque enjoys spending time alone but does enjoy the structure of packs, needing order to deal with his judgments of external facts he sorts through every day. Focusing on detail and practicality over emotions, Torque is a logical being, but still trusts his basic instincts and intuition, especially during battle. If it feels wrong to be in a certain place he will most likely leave immediately, which led to his extended period of time as a loner before he joined the Cinaed. Because of his inherently introverted nature, Torque tends to avoid making lasting connections with other, and often masks his positive feelings with sarcasm, insults, and gruffness.

In the off-chance he does make some connection with others, it is a relationship built upon loyalty and trust, with Torque honoring the sacred concepts. He enjoys fixing things, either physical or mental or emotional, and is quite handy when he is needed. But this comes with an almost hindering curiosity, which has the propensity to get Torque into sticky situations, mainly with individuals or things that don't often want to be fixed or made right again.

Torque's overall personality is: inquisitive, confident, pragmatic, traditional, loyal, and introverted. He is high in: Logical-mathematical, Existential, and Bodily-kinesthetic intelligences. He is medium in: Linguistic, Naturalistic, and Spatial intelligences. He is low in: Intrapersonal, Musical, and Interpersonal intelligences.

Pack/Alignment: Cinaed, Lawful Neutral.


Power: Able to conjure fire from his paws as well as "spit" out medium-sized gouts of fire. Resistance against equal or lower fire range. During summer his powers will intensify slightly.

Flaw: Afraid of drowning, cannot swim or go underwater for long periods of time or else he'll have troubles recovering. During winter his powers dull down slightly.

Rank: Guard. Patrols camp and makes sure all defenses are in order.
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PostSubject: Accepted   Mon 9 Jan 2012 - 0:50

Moving this now.
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Torque - [Cinaed]
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